Monday, April 4, 2011

You have got to be kidding

One can only wonder who is in charge of producing new and exciting Australian television shows. Why? Because they deserve to be shot.

First there was MTV Australia's 'groundbreaking' 'hit' Freshwater Blue, a show one can only assume is loosely based on Laguna Beach, or perhaps even Jersey Shore. Eight drama filled episodes following the bland lives of a bunch of boring kids from the North Shore. Truly a masterpiece of Australian television. Haven't heard of it? You aren't the only one. And don't fret. You haven't missed anything.

More recently we were invited into the world of ACP Publishing, with Arena's Park Street. To be honest I don't actually mind the concept - one which explores what goes in to running Australia's top magazines - Dolly, Cleo, Cosmopolitan etc. What slightly saves this disaster? I think it's Dolly editor Tiffany Dunk. Why Arena didn't just commission a show about Dolly and Dunk is beyond me, because honestly, the other editors are more than a little annoying on screen. Oh, and on debut only 876 people from Sydney watched the show, and it seems as though no one even bothered watching in Adelaide or Melbourne. Oh dear.

Now for the show that has brought about this post. Foxtel has given the green light for a new reality program that will follow the lives of the wives and girlfriends of some of Australia's top football players and cricketers. Sorry. Relevance? Called WAG Nation the show already seems destined to fail, with Rebecca Twigley, Jodi Gordon and now Terry Biviano passing on starring in the show. Wise decision ladies.

Whilst similar shows have seen success in the US and the UK, it doesn't neccessary equal ratings gold in Australia. Why? It may have something to do with the fact that no one really cares about these people. Why? Because they aren't really newsworthy, famous or interesting. Maybe it's time stations like Foxtel and MTV went back to basics and came up with some origin ideas that will hold the attention of the nation. C'mon guys, pick up your game.

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