Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My So-Called Life?

Anyone who reads this blog and has not seen or at least heard of My So-Called Life is hereby banned. Who doesn't want to watch some serious 90's crushing between a teenage Clare Danes & Jared Leto? That said, in my humble opinion, the stand out character in this short-lived (devastating) series was Rayanne Graff. The free spirited chick who wore pipe cleaners in her hair with a single thin braid matched with an over-sized print tee, exposed bra, leggings and mismatched Con's. I was out of school when I first watched the series, but man is made me pine for another life where I was still in school and lived somewhere like Arizona. The American's do teen dramas so well.

Speaking of. When are they going to release Heartbreak High onto DVD? Seriously.


  1. omg yes. I still think about these characters and wonder what they're doing now as if they're real people.

  2. It's great that someone else knows what I'm talking about haha. I agree with you, wouldn't it be great to know what they would be like today? One of life's greatest disappointment's that it didn't continue on in further seasons. Petition?